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Andrew Arrieta (b. Brooklyn, NY) is a photographer and artist. Arrieta's work is an investigation into community and human-first stories — calling attention to race, climate, and human rights issues. resides in: Imnížaska Othúŋwe / St. Paul, MN

Drew's website | @itsdrew

"It’s a joy to see our Strive Publishing illustrator, Kprecia Ambers featured, and to learn about Philipo Dyauli and Crice. Their work and values shine a beautiful light on the importance of representation." "Loved all this art! Beautiful! Thank you all." "I loved everything about this piece. Please do more of these, and if possible, please include links to where we can buy prints or learn more about the artists. Thank you so much, this was brilliant!"

"So beautiful! I loved every single piece and love seeing public art celebrated by the county!!"

"Good works - Keep it up." THX - Asante Sana "Loved this!" "I was inspired by the answers each artist gave to the question about creating a public art in the county, that should happen." "Beautiful photography and captures of important artists in our communities." "You all have amazing talent. I appreciate hearing the messages and inspiration that are behind your work and look forward to seeing your art around the city. Art impacts us all. Thank you!"

"Such dope you king love seeing you doing your thing holding it down for the city culture" - Blak "Hennepin County should commission each of these artists to make a mural!" "Thank you for sharing such a diverse and active group of community engaged artists." "Love everything!!!" "I loved last year’s exhibit, and this year’s exhibit. I wish this could be circulated to more people or shared in other ways…. How can these artists get more exposure?"

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Forecast Public Art and the Hennepin County Multicultural Arts Committee would like to thank you for visiting this online gallery exhibit showcasing profiles of emerging Twin Cities-based artists. The online platform replaces a previously planned gallery exhibition at the Hennepin County Government Center due to Covid-19 closings.


This exhibition is supported by the Hennepin County Multicultural Arts Committee (MAC). MAC was created by the County Board in 1995 as part of the organization’s response to the Minneapolis Initiative Against Racism. MAC sponsors art displays, performances, discussions, and exhibits representing Hennepin County’s diverse cultural canvas. MAC partners with Forecast Public Art, a non-profit arts organization that activates people, networks and proven practices to advance the transformational power of arts in public life. The exhibit is sponsored by Hennepin County Communications.