Digital Illustrator

Tell us a little bit about the place you chose in Hennepin County that inspires art and ideas for you. Why did you choose this place?

I chose an area that represents North Minneapolis, because it is a part of who I am and what I represent. North Minneapolis has been viewed as a place to avoid, but just because something is not being talked about doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening. There is a lot of beauty where I come from and like my artwork I love to focus on the growth that comes out of struggles. My hardest moments have taught me to be faithful, humble and compassionate.

How has the pandemic impacted your artistic practice?

During the pandemic I found myself mentally wanting to escape and it led to me learning how to care for myself. When I wasn’t doing client work, my time was spent re-evaluating what was working and asking myself questions. I soon began to realize how much control I have over my own happiness. Working on myself from within is helping me better create a stronger brand and business.

"My role models are my loved ones and I am inspired by people and Black Culture. Where I come from, the talents of individuals, stories, and experiences remind me no problem is too big. Everyone has a perspective and story. That simple fact means everyone has something to give. I appreciate that and use that as inspiration."

If you could create a piece of public art anywhere in Hennepin County, what would you create and where would you install it?

The piece would be installed somewhere in North Minneapolis and it would represent unity and the diversity of North Minneapolis. The piece would reflect Black Culture and aim to encourage love.

What do you hope people are able to learn or feel from your artwork?

My only hope is to encourage people. For them to feel good energy when they see my art and gain a piece of hope. | @kpinspires

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