Kprecia Ambers, Philipo Dyauli and CRICE are three Minneapolis-based artists who previously participated in a Hennepin Theatre Trust project with Clear Channel Outdoor. “Art Connects Us” featuring their artwork on digital billboards across the region. The project shared messages of hope and gratitude to people working on the front lines of COVID-19. While their work was seen in highly visible public spaces across the city, this special digital exhibition “Make Space” is a chance to get to know these exciting, emerging artists and their work through a closer format.

In the following pages, the artists will share what they’ve been working on and how the pandemic has impacted their artistic practice. Each artist is photographed and featured in a Hennepin County location of their choice, a space of significance.

All photography by Drew Arrieta.

Table of Contents

Kprecia Ambers

Philipo Dyauli