FORWARD: Issue #4: Redefining Sustainable Design in Indian Country

Table of Contents

From the Guest Editor

Designing for Justice and Human Dignity

FORWARD's third Guest Editor is Joseph Kunkel, a citizen of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and director of MASS Design Group's Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab.

Featured Essay

From redlining to red tape, unwinding our way to a just society

How designers and civic practice artists can guide America back from bureaucratic racism and injustice

By Jeremy Liu

Case Studies

How artists are already addressing sustainable design challenges in Native communities


Resources connecting public art and sustainable design

Public Art Now

Leading voices sharing public art of the moment

Guest curated by Mary V. Bordeaux


Publisher Theresa Sweetland

Project Manager Jen Dolen

Guest Editor Joseph Kunkel

Curator of Partnerships & Programming Mallory Rukhsana Nezam

Public Art Now Guest Curator Mary V. Bordeaux

Contributing Writer Dan Murphy

Contributing Writer Geraldine Slevin

Senior Editor Jon Spayde

Copy Editor Loma Huh

Forecast Consulting Advisor Jen Krava

MASS Advising Editor Regina Chen

Layout Fred Pirlot

Accounting Shauna Dee

Advisor Karen Olson

Image: Wicagnaska—gooseberries or currants—are a part of traditional Lakota diets. 2018 First Peoples Fund Cultural Capital fellow Lisa Iron Cloud (Oglala Lakota) teaches people how to find, identify, harvest, and process them for cooking and storage. Photo courtesy Lisa Iron Cloud.

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FORWARD: Issue #4

Redefining Sustainable Design in Indian Country