FORWARD: Issue #3: Community Safety


Resources for making connections between art and community safety, and for artists working around these issues

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Get in Formation: A Community Safety Toolkit, With Addendum for Navigating Multiple Pandemics

Vision Change Win

"This toolkit is a collection of security and safety practices we have been building and learning for years from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color movements within the U.S. Our teachers passed this information down to us through oral tradition and through practice in the streets. We built this toolkit in part to honor these generations before who relied on each other for safety, and to ensure this work is passed on to those who come after us. We believe that these are the skills needed to actualize prison and police abolition, self-determination, and sovereignty. We know that in order to achieve liberatory self-governance, our communities must address these questions and many more."


Healing Through Story: A Toolkit on Grassroots Approaches

Los Angeles County Arts & Culture

  • Methods to listen and reflect on our own biases
  • Instructions on facilitating a group
  • Interviews with 11 grassroots groups in Los Angeles County on how we heal


Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement (book)

Afraid to call 911, but not sure what to do instead? Here are strategies for accountability beyond the criminal justice system.

Transformative justice seeks to solve the problem of violence at the grassroots level, without relying on punishment, incarceration, or policing. Community-based approaches to preventing crime and repairing its damage have existed for centuries. However, in the putative atmosphere of contemporary criminal justice systems, they are often marginalized and operate under the radar. Beyond Survival puts these strategies front and center as real alternatives to today’s failed models of confinement and “correction.”


Creative & Cultural Steward for Community Development

Dr. Meghan Venable-Thomas imagines a job description for putting a healing-focused creative to work to improve community development and deepen a sense of safety for marginalized communities.


Project Salvage Toolkit: Planning to Identify, Prevent and Challenge Gendered Violence in Activism

Project Salvage

"There are no ‘one size fits all’ answers to gendered violence. This is designed to support the difficult and messy task of working through how such harm can be identified, prevented and challenged, and how survivors can be supported, in your activist context. The toolkit cannot answer ‘what should we do,’ but rather, ‘what questions should we be asking ourselves?’"


Planning a Problem-Solving Justice Initiative: A Toolkit for Tribal Communities

Center for Arts and Medicine at the University of Florida

Tribal courts around the country are exploring the use of problem-solving justice, which offers a way to blend the adversarial process with more traditional practices that focus on healing and restoration. This toolkit offers tribal justice planners a step-by-step guide to developing effective problem-solving justice initiatives.


Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

Resources for everyday people to end violence

This toolkit promotes an approach called community-based interventions to violence, or what some call community accountability or transformative justice, as a way to break isolation and to create solutions to violence from those who are most affected by violence: survivors and victims of violence, friends, family, and community.


Find an Artist Facilitator

Forecast Public Art

Artists can help surface community concerns and facilitate conversations and creative engagements that drive toward safer communities.

Hire Forecast's team now to learn more about hiring and commissioning artists to help surface community voices in your own community.


Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls Global Flagship Initiative: Second International Compendium of Practices

UN Women

This Second International Compendium of Practices illustrates in a practical way how participating cities in the UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Flagship Programme Initiative are working to implement women’s safety approaches through the lens of intersectionality, informed by the recommendations made at UN Women’s Fourth Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Leaders' Forum (Edmonton, Canada, 16—19 October 2018).


Community Safety for All: Congregation Action Toolkit to Stop Relying on Police

SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice)

This toolkit is designed for faith/spiritual communities and institutions ready to take action to stop relying on police. The toolkit includes a 4-movement model we’ve developed to support your congregation in moving to action, including assessment tools, political education suggestions, action planning ideas, and support options from SURJ-Faith.


The Critical Resistance Abolition Organizing Toolkit

Critical Resistance

The kit is not a step-by-step guide to prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition. It is a kit designed primarily for US-based community organizers already working toward abolition and our allies. However, we hope it will be useful even for people who may not have thought much about abolition or who feel unsure about how useful it is as a goal.


Defund the Police Resource Guide

SURJ (Standing Up for Racial Justice)

SURJ has attempted to compile some of the best of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) work on abolition which has been generations in the making. SURJ is offering this for white folks who are newly politicized around abolition and defunding, those who are trying to understand or deepen their understanding of what it means, those who want to take action for Juneteenth, and those who want to join the ongoing organizing to defund the police.


Top 10 Ways to Keep LGBTQ Youth Safe in Schools



Abolition Imagination Cards

Interrupting Criminalization

A project conceived by Mariame Kaba and coordinated by Micah Bazant offers Abolition Imagination Cards, which are free to reproduce and share in your community. Artist attribution is respectfully requested.

Artist: Micah Grant


Defund the Police Toolkit

Interrupting Criminalization


Abolition 101

TikTok by @mistercapeheart

Abolition explained in one minute.

Critical Resistance defines abolition as a political vision with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment. From where we are now, sometimes we can’t really imagine what abolition is going to look like. Abolition isn’t just about getting rid of buildings full of cages. It’s also about undoing the society we live in because the prison industrial complex both feeds on and maintains oppression and inequalities through punishment and violence, and controls millions of people. Because the prison industrial complex is not an isolated system, abolition is a broad strategy. An abolitionist vision means that we must build models today that can represent how we want to live in the future. It means developing practical strategies for taking small steps that move us toward making our dreams real and that lead us all to believe that things really could be different. It means living this vision in our daily lives.


"How I Became a Police Abolitionist"

by Derecka Purnell

The Atlantic

"When people dismiss abolitionists for not caring about victims or safety, they tend to forget that we are those victims, those survivors of violence."

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FORWARD: Issue #3

Community Safety