FORWARD: Issue #2: Transportation

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From the Guest Editor

The history of transportation infrastructure in this country is filled with stories about connecting people to opportunity—as well as stories of decisions based on racist ideas that have led, for example, to the destruction of entire communities through highway construction. And transportation is now the leading contributor to climate change in the United States, as well as a field experiencing major innovations. This issue of FORWARD tackles many of these matters.

FORWARD's first Guest Editor is Ben Stone, Smart Growth America's Director of Arts and Culture.

Moving Beyond the Aesthetics and Pageantry of Equity and Inclusion in Transportation

Intentional collaboration between artists and transportation professionals elevates the virtues of remembering, healing, and co-powering.

By Charles T. Brown, MPA, CPD, LCI

Case Studies

How artists are already addressing transportation challenges


Talking points from transportation professionals, an artist's dream job description, and other resources connecting public art and transportation

Public Art Now

Leading voices sharing public art of the moment

Guest Curated by Tricia Heuring, this inaugural Public Art Now collection comprises five projects presented as temporary interventions of public space that pushed public art forward in 2020 by exploring the aesthetics and politics of belonging and power.


Publisher Theresa Sweetland

Project Manager Jen Dolen

Guest Editor Ben Stone

Public Art Now Guest Curator Tricia Heuring

Contributing Editor Jon Spayde

Copy Editor Loma Huh

Curator of Partnerships & Programming Mallory Rukhsana Nezam

Layout Manuel Miranda

Advisor / Consulting Editor Karen Olson

Accounting Shauna Dee

Image: As part of Smart Growth America's Arts & Transportation Rapid Response initiative, addressing pandemic-related transportation challenges and longstanding inequities in transportation, artist Naomi RaMona Schliesman and Jill Amundson, Associate Planner at West Central Initiative use stencils to spray-paint footprints on a street in Henning, MN. Photo by Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene.


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FORWARD: Issue #2